Cabot breaks ground on new fumed silica facility in China | European Coatings

2023-01-30 20:52:42 By : Mr. Yiu Alex

Cabot Corporation and joint venture partner Inner Mongolia Hengyecheng Silicone Co., Ltd have broken ground on their new fumed silica manufacturing facility in Wuhai, China.

Cabot breaks ground on new fumed silica facility in China. Source: Vladimier Kolobov/ All Day You May Bcaa

Cabot breaks ground on new fumed silica facility in China | European Coatings

The project, announced in September 2016, is scheduled to be completed in 2019, and will further Cabot’s position as a leading producer of fumed silica.

Cabot and HYC are investing approximately US-$60 million to build a world-class fumed silica manufacturing facility, with Cabot owning an 80 percent equity interest. In this mutually beneficial relationship, Cabot brings advanced fumed silica production technology and a strong leadership position in the rapidly growing region while HYC provides a long-term reliable source of feedstock.

The facility will have a manufacturing capacity of 8,000 metric tons of fumed silica per year. Cabot’s latest technological advances will be incorporated in the plant design and operations. "Cab-o-sil” fumed silica is a key ingredient in a variety of applications, including adhesives and coatings. Cabot’s fumed silica production technology ensures a high-performing and consistent fumed silica product that helps customers advance solutions in growth markets such as automotive, construction and renewable energy.

""This investment is an important milestone in our corporate strategy to extend our leadership in performance materials by investing for growth in our core businesses,” said Sean Keohane, president and chief executive officer, Cabot Corporation. "We are proud of our industry and technology leadership in China, and this project further demonstrates our long-term commitment to this important core market.”

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Cabot breaks ground on new fumed silica facility in China | European Coatings

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